Week 11

On Tuesday, I opened Outlook to a boatload of emails about an upcoming promotional item Children’s will use to promote to the new and improved app for iPhone and Android users. I’m assisting the coordination of purchasing the promo item and the design as well. Stay tuned to see what the item will be.

I caught up on social media reviews because I hadn’t paid much attention to them in the past couple weeks, and we also had a planning meeting for the content to be posted on social media during April. April is Donate Life month, so a lot of content will revolve around that concept while other weekly and/or daily observances will be worked in as well.

On Wednesday, I helped with a photo shoot of a patient family. There is a American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology meeting in Pittsburgh in May, so Children’s will be promoting its Hematology/Oncology, hence the need for the photo of the patient family.

Last week, I had called a patient family for a #Stories post for World Down Syndrome Day, and it ended up being incredibly long including information about Down syndrome and heart problems. The #Stories post contained the second part about Down syndrome, which I did not write, but check out the blog here to read the rest of the patient’s story and the half of the story I did contribute!

I did not go to the hospital on Thursday because I was working on an assignment for class, and I only stayed for two hours on Friday because I went home for an unexpected family emergency.

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